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Generators for Pop Up Campers: A Comprehensive Guide


Camping in a pop-up camper is a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors while having the conveniences of home. However, in order to really enjoy your camping trip, you’ll need a dependable power source, especially if you’re camping in isolated areas. Generators for pop-up campers are the ideal choice because they provide the electricity required to power numerous appliances and electronics.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of pop-up camper generators, looking at different models, crucial features, maintenance advice, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-timer, this article will arm you with the knowledge you need to select the best generator for your pop-up camper.

Quick Picks

  1. Honda EU2200i
  2. Yamaha EF2000iSv2

What Is A Pop Up Camper?

A pop-up camper is a towable RV that can be folded down for simple transport and storage. This caravan can be set up with a lot of interior room considering how little it is when collapsed. RVers like it due to its reasonable price, and its compact size makes it easier to tow than many other RVs.

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What Size Generators Should I Choose For a Pop Up Camper?

The size of the generators for Pop Up camper depends on the size of the camper itself and how many people are going to be using it. In general, it is said that around 2000 to 6000 Watts are good enough for pop up campers. The use of appliances matters heavily in the size decision. You can estimate your tentative power usage by adding up all the appliances you own. Feel free to use an online tool to help you with that. It is up to you if you want to opt for portable or regular generators. After calculation, always go for power slightly above your actual requirement.

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6 Best Generators For Pop Up Campers

1. Honda EU2200i

The Honda EU2200i inverter generator is well-known for its dependable performance, fuel efficiency, and quiet operation. It has been a popular choice among campers, outdoor lovers, and homeowners alike because of its mobility and ease of use. The Honda EU2200i, with its small size and clean power output, is a perfect choice for providing electricity to your pop-up camper, assuring a comfortable and convenient camping experience.

Honda EU2200i inverter generator

Features of the Honda EU2200i:

Inverter Technology: The EU2200i utilizes advanced inverter technology, which produces stable and clean power, safe for sensitive electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and cameras.

Fuel Efficiency: This generator is fuel-efficient, with an exceptional runtime thanks to its Eco-Throttle technology, which automatically adjusts the engine speed dependent on the load, maximising fuel efficiency.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: With a noise level as low as 48 decibels at 25% load, the EU2200i runs quietly, making it ideal for camping trips without causing disturbance to the surroundings.

Compact and Portable: Weighing just under 47 pounds, the EU2200i is lightweight and features a convenient carry handle, making it easy to transport and store when not in use.

Parallel Connectivity: If more power is required, the EU2200i allows parallel connectivity, meaning you can link two generators together for increased output, perfect for larger camper setups or RVs.


Reliability: Honda is known for its quality products, and the EU2200i is no exception, offering dependable performance and lasting durability.

Clean Power: The inverter technology ensures a consistent and clean power supply, preventing potential damage to sensitive electronics.

Quiet Operation: The whisper-quiet operation is a standout feature, making the EU2200i perfect for camping, tailgating, or any situation where noise matters.

Portability: Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry and store, adding to its appeal for outdoor activities.

Fuel Efficiency: The Eco-Throttle system optimizes fuel consumption, saving you money on fuel costs during extended camping trips.


Price: The Honda EU2200i is generally considered a premium product, which means it may have a higher upfront cost compared to some other generators in the market.

Limited Power: While it’s suitable for powering essential appliances and devices, the EU2200i may not be sufficient for heavy power demands or running multiple high-wattage devices simultaneously.

2. Yamaha EF2000iSv2

The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is a highly efficient and dependable inverter generator designed to provide high-quality electricity for various applications. With its advanced features and thoughtful design, this generator has gained popularity among campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and homeowners alike. Its economy control and automatic oil warning system contribute to greater fuel economy and quiet operation, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a portable and reliable power source.

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 inverter generator

Features of the Yamaha EF2000iSv2:

Inverter Technology: The EF2000iSv2 boasts a computer-controlled inverter that ensures a consistent and clean power output, making it safe for sensitive electronics.

Economy Control: The generator’s economy control regulates the engine RPM in accordance with the actual electricity load, optimizing fuel efficiency and reducing noise levels.

Electronic Circuit Breaker: The EF2000iSv2 comes with a computer-controlled electronic circuit breaker that automatically cuts off the current when the output voltage exceeds the designated maximum capacity, safeguarding your devices and the generator itself.

4-Stroke OHV Engine: Equipped with a compact, high-powered, and fuel-efficient 4-stroke OHV engine, the generator delivers excellent performance while maintaining low fuel consumption and noise levels.

Oil Warning System: The generator features an oil warning system that automatically stops the engine when the oil level falls below the prescribed level, ensuring engine protection and longevity.


High-Quality Electricity: The inverter technology guarantees stable and clean power, making it suitable for delicate electronic devices.

Fuel Economy: The economy control system optimizes fuel consumption, extending the generator’s runtime on a single tank.

Quiet Operation: With the economy control and soundproof design, the EF2000iSv2 operates quietly, making it ideal for camping and noise-sensitive environments.

Compact and Portable: The generator’s lightweight and carrying handle allows for easy transportation and storage, making it a perfect companion for various outdoor activities.

Versatility: The EF2000iSv2’s DC output capability is convenient for battery charging, adding to its versatility for different power needs.


Initial Cost: As a feature-rich and high-quality generator, the EF2000iSv2 may have a higher upfront cost compared to some other models in the market.

3. 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter

The Champion Power Equipment 100396 3400-Watt Portable Inverter Generator offers a winning combination of versatility and convenience, making it an ideal choice for powering your home, RV, or projects. With its electric start, dual-fuel capability, and Clean Power output, this inverter generator is designed to deliver reliable and efficient performance. Safety features such as low oil shut-off and smart Economy Mode add to its appeal, making it a popular and reliable power solution.

Champion Power Equipment 100396 3400-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Features of the Champion Power Equipment 100396 Portable Inverter Generator:

Electric Start with Cold Start Technology: The convenient electric start comes with a battery and Smart Charger, ensuring a quick and reliable start even in cold weather conditions.

Clean Power Output: The inverter produces only Clean Power with less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), making it safe for sensitive electronics.

Dual-Fuel Capability: This generator operates on both gasoline and propane, providing flexibility and ease of fuel selection with a simple turn of the fuel selector dial.

Smart Economy Mode: Champion’s Inverter Technology includes smart Economy Mode, which reduces the electrical load for quieter operation, extended engine life, and improved fuel economy.

Multiple Outlets and RV Compatibility: The generator is equipped with various outlets, including a 120V 30A locking outlet with an RV adapter, two 120V 20A household outlets, a 12V DC automotive-style outlet with a dual USB adapter, and a standard 50-amp RV outlet to power multiple devices simultaneously.


Versatile and Convenient: With its dual-fuel capability and multiple outlets, this generator is suitable for various applications, from powering household appliances to running RV air conditioners.

Clean and Safe Power: The Clean Power output ensures the safety of sensitive electronics like laptops and smartphones, preventing potential damage.

Long Runtime: With gasoline, it provides 3400 starting watts and 3100 running watts, running for 7.5 hours at 25% load, and with a 20-pound propane tank, it offers 3060 starting watts and 2790 running watts, running for 14.5 hours at 25% load.

Low Noise Level: Operating at 59 dBA from 23 feet, this generator is relatively quiet, allowing for a comfortable environment during use.

Portability and Storage: The generator comes fully assembled with foldaway handles, built-in handles, and never-flat tires for easy transport and storage.


Initial Cost: As a feature-rich and powerful generator, the initial cost may be higher compared to some other models.

4. WEN 56200i

The WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator, CARB Compliant, is a reliable and quiet power solution suitable for a variety of applications, including camping, construction sites, tailgates, and power outages. With its EPA III and CARB compliance, this generator features a 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV engine that produces 2000 surge watts and 1600 rated watts, delivering clean power to safeguard sensitive electronics. Its extremely quiet operation, lightweight design, and fuel-efficient performance make it an excellent choice for those seeking a portable and hassle-free power source.

WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator - generators for pop up campers

Features of the WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator:

Quiet Operation: The generator operates at an incredibly low 51 decibels at a quarter load, ensuring minimal noise disruption during outdoor activities, camping, and power backup situations.

Clean and Safe Power: Designed to mirror a pure sine wave, the generator maintains total harmonic distortion under 0.3% at no load and under 1.2% at full load, making it safe for sensitive electronics like laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Lightweight and Portable: The generator’s compact design and one-gallon tank provide over 6 hours of half-load run time, making it easy to carry and move wherever power is needed.

Multiple Outlets: The fully-packed control panel includes two three-prong 120V receptacles, one 12V DC receptacle, and one 5V USB port, offering versatility for connecting various devices.

Eco-Mode Throttle: Engaging the Eco-Mode Throttle maximizes fuel economy by adjusting the motor’s fuel consumption automatically based on the connected load, saving unnecessary gasoline usage.


Quiet and Invasive-Free: The extremely quiet operation ensures minimal disturbance during recreational activities and power outages, making it ideal for camping and tailgating.

Clean Power Output: The pure sine wave technology provides clean power, protecting sensitive electronics from potential damage caused by voltage spikes and drops.

Fuel-Efficient: The Eco-Mode Throttle feature optimizes fuel consumption, extending the generator’s runtime on a single tank of gas.

Compact and Portable: The lightweight and compact design allows for easy transportation and storage, making it convenient for on-the-go use.

Parallel Connection Capability: The generator can be linked to another unit using the WEN 56421 Parallel Connection Kit (sold separately), allowing for increased wattage sharing among multiple units.


Limited Power Capacity: While suitable for powering essential electronics and devices, it may not handle heavy power demands or run multiple high-wattage devices simultaneously.

5. Westinghouse iGen2200

The iGen2200 Inverter Generator by Westinghouse is a reliable and versatile power solution, offering 2,200 peak watts and 1,800 running watts. Whether you need emergency backup power for your home or a reliable source during recreational activities, the iGen2200 is up to the task. Its lightweight and compact design, coupled with a built-in carrying handle, ensures easy portability for on-the-go power needs. Additionally, the generator operates quietly at just 52 dBA, making it community-friendly and suitable for various environments. Its clean and stable power output makes it safe to power sensitive electronics, while its enhanced fuel efficiency ensures longer runtimes and reduced fuel consumption.

Westinghouse iGen2200 Inverter Generator

Features of the iGen2200 Inverter Generator:

Power Output: The iGen2200 produces 2,200 peak watts and 1,800 running watts, providing ample power for home essentials during outages or recreational devices during trips.

Variable Engine Speeds: The generator’s 4-Stroke OHV Westinghouse engine automatically adjusts its speed to deliver the required power, ensuring enhanced fuel efficiency and longer runtimes.

Quiet Operation: With an ultra-low tone and double-insulated acoustic enclosure, the iGen2200 operates at just 52 dBA, making it quieter than the average conversation.

Safe for Sensitive Electronics: The generator produces clean power with less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), making it suitable for powering sensitive electronics like laptops and cell phones.

Parallel Capability: For increased power needs, the iGen2200 is parallel capable, allowing you to pair it with another Westinghouse Inverter Generator using the Westinghouse 30A Parallel Cord (sold separately).


Versatile Application: Whether for home use during power outages or recreational activities, the iGen2200 serves as a reliable power source for various needs.

Fuel Efficiency: The variable engine speeds result in 30% to 50% higher fuel efficiency compared to traditional generators, leading to extended runtimes on a single tank of gas.

Lightweight and Portable: Weighing just 46 pounds and featuring a built-in carry handle, the generator is easy to transport and convenient for outdoor activities.

Clean and Quiet Operation: The generator’s clean power output and low noise level make it ideal for powering sensitive electronics and suitable for quiet environments.

Safety Features: The iGen2200 is equipped with low oil shutdown and overload protection, ensuring the safety of both the generator and connected electronics.


Not RV Ready: While this is a great option for a portable generator, according to the manufacturer’s guide, the generator is not said to be RV ready. However, if it fits your requirements well, it can be considered to be used for a pop up camper.

6. Briggs & Stratton P2200 Power Smart Series

The iGen2200 Inverter Generator is the latest addition to the PowerSmart Series by Briggs & Stratton. Designed with camping and tailgating in mind, this generator offers quiet, lightweight, and efficient power, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of home wherever you go. Whether you need to power lights, fans, a coffee maker, laptops, or TVs, the iGen2200 is up to the task. Its PowerSmart Series Inverter Technology ensures smooth power delivery for sensitive electronics like laptops and gaming systems, and with over 100 years of innovation behind Briggs & Stratton’s name, you can trust in its reliability and performance.

PowerSmart Series by Briggs & Stratton

Features of the iGen2200 Inverter Generator:

PowerSmart Series Inverter Technology: The iGen2200 produces smoother power, making it safe for sensitive electronics like laptops and gaming systems.

Convenient Carrying: The H-handle design allows for easy transportation by one person, or two people can conveniently share the load.

Your Pick of Outlets: The control panel includes three outlets (one DC and two household) and a USB adapter, providing flexibility to power a wide range of devices and appliances.

Expandability: The generator is parallel capable, allowing you to connect it with another PowerSmart Series P2200 or P3000 generator for increased power output.

Quiet and Safe Operation: Operating at a mere 59dB, the iGen2200 is quieter than a regular conversation, making it unobtrusive in social situations. Its PowerSmart inverter technology automatically adjusts the engine speed to protect sensitive electronics like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


Versatile Power Output: With 1,700 running watts and 2,200 starting watts, the iGen2200 offers ample backup power potential for various devices and appliances.

Quiet Operation: The generator’s low operating volume of 59dB creates a more pleasant environment during work or recreation.

Reliable and Trusted Brand: Designed by Briggs & Stratton, a trusted name with over a century of innovation in the power industry, ensuring reliability and performance.

Parallel Capability: The ability to connect with another compatible generator allows for increased power output, perfect for RVs or situations requiring more electricity.


Proposition 65 Warning: This product comes with a warning about containing chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Generator

Selecting the right generator for your pop-up camper involves considering several essential factors. By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that your chosen generator meets all your camping power needs. Let’s explore the key factors to consider:

1. Power Output

The power output of the generator is crucial to ensure it can handle all your appliances and devices. Calculate the total wattage of the devices you’ll be using simultaneously and choose a generator with sufficient power output to handle the load.

2. Noise Level

If you value a peaceful camping experience, opt for a generator with a low noise level. Quieter generators are less disruptive to you and your fellow campers, ensuring a more enjoyable trip.

3. Fuel Type and Efficiency

Consider the fuel type that suits your camping style and the availability of fuel in your preferred camping locations. Additionally, look for generators with high fuel efficiency to maximize runtime and minimize refueling frequency.

4. Size and Portability

For pop-up campers with limited storage space, a compact and portable generator is essential. Look for models that are easy to transport and store without taking up too much space.

5. Runtime and Fuel Capacity

A generator’s runtime refers to how long it can operate on a full tank of fuel. Choose a generator with sufficient runtime to meet your camping needs without frequent interruptions for refueling.

6. Durability and Build Quality

Since camping involves exposure to various weather conditions, opt for a generator with sturdy build quality and weather-resistant features to ensure long-lasting performance.

7. Safety Features

Prioritize safety by choosing generators with features like overload protection, low-oil shutoff, and spark arrestors to prevent accidents and ensure worry-free camping.

8. Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews

Do your research and choose generators from reputable brands with positive customer reviews. This will give you confidence in the generator’s reliability and performance.

portable generators

Maintenance Tips for Generators

Proper maintenance of your generator is essential to ensure its longevity and consistent performance during camping trips. Follow these maintenance tips to keep your generator in top shape:

1. Regular Oil Changes

Change the generator’s oil at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer. Fresh oil ensures proper lubrication of internal components, reducing wear and tear.

2. Air Filter Cleaning

Clean or replace the air filter regularly to maintain proper airflow and prevent debris from entering the engine.

3. Fuel Stabilization

Add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank if you plan to store the generator for an extended period. Fuel stabilizers prevent fuel degradation and keep the engine running smoothly.

4. Inspection of Spark Plugs

Inspect and clean or replace the spark plugs when necessary to ensure proper ignition and efficient fuel consumption.

5. Keep it Dry

During camping trips, protect your generator from rain or snow by providing a cover or shelter.

6. Test Run Before Camping

Before embarking on your camping adventure, test run the generator to ensure it starts easily and operates correctly.


Generators for pop up campers are essential for supplying dependable power throughout your camping excursions. You may ensure a comfortable and happy camping experience by selecting the proper sort of generator and taking essential parameters such as power output, noise level, and fuel efficiency into account. Remember to follow proper maintenance practices to keep your generator in excellent condition and ready for your next exciting camping trip.

FAQs about Generators for Pop Up Campers

1. What Size Generator Do I Need for My Pop Up Camper?

The size of the generator you need depends on the power requirements of your appliances and devices. Calculate the total wattage and choose a generator with a slightly higher output to accommodate any additional power needs.

2. Can I Use a Portable Gas Generator Inside My Camper?

No, it’s not safe to use a portable gas generator inside your camper due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Always operate the generator outdoors, away from living spaces.

3. How Do I Ground My Generator While Camping?

To ground your generator, use a grounding rod and copper wire. Drive the grounding rod into the earth and attach the copper wire from the grounding terminal on the generator to the rod.

4. Are Solar Generators Practical for Cloudy or Overcast Days?

Solar generators can still produce electricity on cloudy or overcast days, but the output will be lower than on sunny days. Consider having sufficient battery storage to compensate for lower solar production.

5. Can I Run My Air Conditioner with a Generator?

Yes, you can run your camper’s air conditioner with a generator, but you need to ensure the generator has enough power output to handle the AC’s starting and running wattage.

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