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Inexpensive Gifts For Hikers: Under $50 To Be Exact

Do you have a friend or a family member who has been planning to go on a hiking adventure any time soon? Well, great for them! We wish the very best for their forthcoming outdoor adventure. It is, hands down the best experience of one’s life. However, since they are your friends or family, you must wonder if you should gift them something as a gesture of love or what exactly to gift them, right? Well, since you have landed on this page, you must already know that we are going to talk about a list of possible inexpensive gifts for hikers that you can totally gift your loved ones. Feel free to read on…

How To Identify What A Hiker Needs?

If the person in question is your loved one then they definitely must’ve discussed the things they are going to do or buy or prepare their hiking in a certain way. You just have to pay close attention to what exactly are the things they need and have not yet arranged. Trust us on this, if you do come up with something they have already mentioned some time in a conversation, it is going to be one of the best and most hearty gifts of all for them even if it is inexpensive or not something too extravagant as it will give them the signal that you actually paid attention to their needs and they are special to you.

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Can I Give A Cheap Gift To A Hiker?

Absolutely you can! Gifts do not always have to be expensive and fancy to be “gifts”. Practical gifts are much more appreciated because those things are on one’s top priorities list. Do not worry about how much worth does it have. Just think of it as a sweet gesture from your side and go for it. In this blog post, we are already going to talk about inexpensive but highly practical gifts for hikers which might give you a clue as to what your loved one truly requires.

List of 11 Inexpensive Gifts for Hikers:

Lightweight Double Camping Hammock

A very handy portable hammock that any hiker would love to have. This is among my favorite choices for a gift. It can easily be carried in its bag and comes with all its accessories. It also comes with a step-by-step instruction manual so your friend/family won’t have an issue installing it anywhere.

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Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet

This is one of the most helpful and practical parts of the gear that I think every outdoor adventurist should own. It seems like only a bracelet but comes with so many useful mini gadgets like a whistle, a small fire starter, and a compass. Definitely worth investing in.

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Do Not Disturb I’m Gaming Video Game Socks

A pair of socks for hiking enthusiasts to keep them warm if the weather condition is cold. It has a fun design and anyone who is a hiker would love to wear them on their trip. It comes in a unisex category so you don’t have to worry about the sizes or style. You can buy for everyone if they are a couple or a group of people.

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Tough Outdoors Cooling Towels

Cooling towels are one of the essential belongings a hiker must have. Because of all the walking in the hot weather, hikers often catch heat stroke. That’s where cooling towels come in handy. Don’t let your loved ones forget they need to keep these. Having more than one is a good idea.

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Graphic Tee:

Is it your best friend or your sister who is going on a hiking trip? Are you not sure what to gift them? Feel free to get this graphic tee with a perfect design on it. It says “I’d Hike That”. It comes in various shades and 4 sizes. So head over and buy it for them now!

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Safety Survival Whistle: 

A must-have item in any outdoor enthusiast’s gear collection, the Safety Survival Whistle offers a range of features that make it the ultimate companion for hikers. Thanks to its clip and lanyard, it can be easily attached to backpacks, hiking gear, life jackets, kayak PFDs, and paddle boards. For convenience, it can also be attached to belts or shoulder straps.

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Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

With an array of features, the Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is a top choice for travel hiking, and even everyday use. For any adventure, its fast-drying properties ensure optimal comfort and easy packing.

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking

This filter is a vital companion for hikers, providing waterborne bacteria removal of 99.999999% and parasite removal like Giardia. It’s durable and eco-friendly, making it an indispensable, life-saving tool for outdoor adventurers. This could be immensely valuable for someone who is going on hiking and goes out of water.

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Hiking Logbook & Journal

Hiking Logbook & Journal is definitely a thoughtful gift for your loved one and can be an inspiring companion for their outdoor adventures. With comprehensive prompts, it captures hike details like location, trail name, terrain, and companions. They can set and track their hiking goals, cherishing every achievement.

Survival Kit

Coming up with the ultimate solution for any hiker or outdoor enthusiast out there. A survival kit that comes with around 29 items from camping gear and fits into one briefcase. Although it is slightly on the higher side, it provides value for money. Click the link below to find out the price and all the gear that’s included.

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Pitch and Trek Female Urination Device

Searching for the ideal gift for your adventurous female hiker friend? The Pitch and Trek Female Urination Device is a leak-free, reusable pee funnel that can be used in any outdoor situation. The silicone is easy to clean, simply wash it with soap and water. Lightweight and compact, it fits effortlessly in backpacks, purses, and glove compartments. Your hiking girl pal/s will love the convenience of using public restrooms or porta potties stress-free.

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inexpensive gifts for hikers

Final Thoughts

Finding the ideal inexpensive gifts for hikers doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. You may make your outdoor-loving pals happy without going over budget by choosing one of the many useful and considerate solutions available. To make their camping trips even more fun, think about giving them things like a multi-tool or a portable camp stove.

Don’t overlook the small conveniences that add up, like a hiking bracelet or a portable camping hammock for those peaceful times beneath the stars. Cooling towels and water filter straws are also great options for your hiker friends.

Choose presents that go along with their passion for the great outdoors to embrace the spirit of exploration and adventure. Your kind acts will be loved and remembered throughout their next adventurous trip into nature, whether it’s a hiking log journal or even a pair of socks or tee shirts. Happy Gifting!!

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